Update From Calvin's Family:

hi breshkie,

i have some more pictures of calvin, but this is how he's usually to be found! from the moment my kids wake up until they go to bed, this dog enjoys rock star status: lots and lots of pets, love and hugs!
catherine has taught him to shake, and he's learning to heel. he's turned into a totally different dog. he's now very playful, and i can tell he's bonding as he also gives kisses and follows us everywhere. last weekend the kids had a sleepover and slept downstairs in sleeping bags. calvin NEVER goes downstairs but did that night (he even slept on the floor between my kids). he often sits at my feet. in short, he's really part of our family and we love him to pieces. we're still working the training side as his instinct to hunt (and run off) is strong, but he's beginning to settle in.

talk soon,