Update from Levi (aka Hank's family)

Judy and everyone - How sweet. We totally recognize him. he has the white freckle on his bottom. We are sticking with Hank for his name. in fact, we have been calling him Hanky Panky because he is stealing all the stuffed animals from the kids rooms and bringing them into our room where he sleeps! It is his favorite game. The first few days were slow while he got his bearings, but now he is in full swing. He loves to go to the dog park every day to see his buddies and he is doing very long walks as well. He is gentle enough to let the kids hold the leash sometimes, but when he sees another dog he pulls pretty hard to go see them. He is also very stubborn when he doesn't want to do something, he just plops down and rolls over! We look a bit ridiculous when he does this on someone else's lawn!

He loves the cat, but the cat is not quite so fond of him. We are working on detente however. He has slept in every bed in the house and is getting up on the couches as well. He is getting better on the stairs too. I've been surprised at how fast he will run and that he will come up some very steep hills. We hope to get his legs stronger and stronger.

Thanks for sending this video. I've attached one of him in the nature park across from our house.

I hope your new foster is doing as well.