Rover is a very sweet ~10 yr old pointer mix. He weighs ~33 lbs. Rover's most favorite thing to do is to go on walks. The minute you pick up his harness he's besides himself, just loves to walk and walk. Rover is not recommended for a home with kids, kids make him nervous. Rover is super sweet, but gets scared easily. He is super calm and quiet inside of the house. He loves to snuggle on the couch and will wrap himself in his blanket. Rover loves stuffed toys, he has a favorite bear that he carries around the house in his mouth. Rover would be such a great friend for someone living by themselves, he loves to just be with you, he will follow his human all around the house. Rover is fully housebroken, doesn't touch a thing in the house when left alone. He's a good little boy who needs lots of love. It seems that Rover had a rough life before he found our rescue. He was rescued from an abusive situation, he's come a long way since we first rescued him. He's still a little fearful of strangers, but warms up if given some time. He just needs to know that no one will hurt him. We hope that someone will give him all of the love he didn't get as a little pup. He certainly enjoys love and shows love back. If you are interested in fostering or adopting Rover please email