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Steve’s Medical Fund: 

Gosh where do I start tonight. We pulled Steve from the shelter this morning. He had his vet appt this evening and this poor boy is in rough shape. He was probably dumped because of his health issues. He has been diagnosed with testicular cancer, he’s lyme positive (has symptoms in his back legs), he’s positive for Ehrlicia, he’s anemic, both of his ears have horrible infections, he has an overall secondary skin infection, he has ring worms, was covered in ticks and the list goes on and on. His condition wasn’t stable enough to receive any vaccines. We’ll be taking him back in a week to see how he’s doing after all the meds have kicked in. At his next week check up we’ll do chest x-rays to determine if the cancer has spread…if it hasn’t, then when he’s healthy enough we will neuter him and send to pathology. If the cancer has spread then we’ll have to reevaluate. Despite everything that’s going on this with this sweet boy he’s SO kind and loving. There’s a good chance he was dumped because he could no longer be used as a hunting dog. Man oh man, I wish we can get to them sooner so they never have to go through any pain. But as a rescuer we know what our part is in his life….we pick up from where they are and try our very best to make it all better. For tonight I am grateful he’s safe with our loving foster family, he has a full belly, a comfortable bed and lots of love. Tomorrow is a new day! Steve you got this…now you have a whole team of angels who love you and will do their best to get you on the mend.

We ask for prayers and donations to help us get this little boy the medical care he needs.

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